Mangold, Holley

NOC United States   
Born22 Dec 1989 in Kettering, OH, USA
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Columbus, OH, USA
Sport Specific Information
Club / Team United States Olympic Training Centre [USOTC]: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Further Personal Information
Higher education Religious and Theological Studies, Sociology - Ursuline College: Cleveland, OH, USA
General Interest
Famous relatives Her brother Nick has played American football for the New York Jets in the National Football League [NFL]. (Athlete, 13 Nov 2014;, 07 Oct 2014)
Most influential person in career Her family. (, 04 Mar 2012)
Sport Specific Information
Name of coach Mark Cannella [club], USA; Zygmunt Smalcerz [national], POL
When and where did you begin this sport? She began weightlifting in 2008. Prior to that she had competed in powerlifting.
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Languages English
General Interest
Other information TATTOO
In February 2015 she revealed she had got a tattoo of the Olympic rings done on the side of her head. "I know this sounds corny but one of the reasons I got it there was because my mind is what got me to the Olympics [2012 Games in London] and, as soon as I worked on my mental game, the kilos started flying." (, 20 Feb 2015)

In 2013 she convinced her coach to allow her to take part in reality TV show 'The Biggest Loser', which helps people lose weight. She thought it would help her get into the best condition for lifting and also promote the sport. "I needed to be smaller so I could train harder." She has also appeared on the MTV show 'True Life'. (, 23 Feb 2015;, 15 Oct 2013)
Injuries She competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in London with torn ligaments in her right wrist. She did not know the severity of the damage until after she had competed. She had surgery to reconstruct her wrist once the event had finished. (Athlete, 13 Nov 2014;, 15 Oct 2013)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs She listens to the songs 'Yes' by LMFAO and 'Dog Days are Over' by Florence and The Machine prior to competing. (, 01 Dec 2016)
Other sports She was the first female to play American football in high school in Ohio, United States of America. She was an offensive lineman for Archbishop Alter High School in Kettering. (, 04 Jun 2012)
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? She did powerlifting at high school to improve her strength because she played American football. She began weightlifting in 2008 as she wanted to compete at a higher level and the Olympic Games. "I knew I couldn't pursue football professionally and powerlifting isn't in the Olympics."
General Interest
Hero / Idol USA weightlifter Cheryl Haworth. (, 4 Jun 2012)
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Occupation Athlete
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievement Competing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (Athlete, 13 Nov 2014)
International Debut
Year 2010
Competing for United States
General Interest
Nicknames Squish ["I got it because I'm squishy."]. (Athlete, 13 Nov 2014)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Just make it." (Athlete, 13 Nov 2014)
Further Personal Information
Family Partner Kitty Lippman

Major Results
Year Rank Event Venue
Olympic Games
2012 9 +75kg   London
World Championships
2015 21 +75kg   Houston, TX
2015 23 +75kg - Snatch   Houston, TX
2015 20 +75kg - Clean & Jerk   Houston, TX
2014 13 +75kg   Almaty
2014 15 +75kg - Snatch   Almaty
2014 10 +75kg - Clean & Jerk   Almaty
Pan American Games
2015 5 +75kg   Toronto, ON
Pan American Championships
2010 8 +75kg   Guatemala City
2010 8 +75kg - Snatch   Guatemala City
2010 8 +75kg - Clean & Jerk   Guatemala City